Spring 2017...Get Ready, Get Set, Plant!
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Spring 2017...Get Ready, Get Set, Plant!
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Spring 2017...Get Ready, Get Set, Plant!

Spring 2017 is officially here.  

We are so ready to get to planting and start seeing the many vibrant colors or spring! Many of your local garden centers and greenhouses will be either opening back up for those who are seasonal, and those year rounders will be stocking up.  You'll want to determine a list of all the supplies you'll need so when you start planting, you have everything you need. 

Some helpful hints to remember when you visit your local greenhouse are to know your climate to pick the most appropriate plants and flowers. If you're choosing a shady plant of an area that is full sun, well you won't get the best outcome and most likely, your plant won't survive.  Know your soil...is it hard packed, dry, moist, loose?  All of these are very helpful in selecting the very best plants to reap the very best benefits of any outdoor garden.  

Are you unsure?  Most of your local garden centers and greenhouses boast extremely knowledgeable 'green thumbs' on site who will be happy to assist you in choosing the best plants! We advise you to take and bring pictures of the area(s) and/or containers that you're planting. You should know if the area you're planting is full sun, shade, or a combination of both so that the appropriate plants for your climate and soil type are recommended. Measurements are important as well, especially when it comes to outdoor box gardens, to ensure that your plants have the proper space they need to grow and bloom their best.  

And of course - update your boxes and spruce up your home with Cape Cod Custom Flower Boxes.  Be sure to check out our April special offer here on our website or on our Cape Cod Custom Flower Boxes Facebook page! 

Happy Planting!