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We are happy and eager to create any custom design for you. We can create almost anything, either free-hand or using stencils - much like our Starfish series design. We can do many nautical designs, monograms, numbers, letters. We recommend matching them to your exterior decor by painting the routered area(s) to match shutters, trim, doors or exterior paint.


Wainescoting, raised panels, various mouldings, etc. If you can imagine it, we will do our level best to make it! Anything is possible! We will make any design you have in mind to architectural scale

If you would like us to match any particular design to complete or add to a current project, please contact us via the CONTACT US page. We will request a photo and dimensions or architectural plans from you (if we are unable to see in person). Actual drawn plans are best to have a perfect match but some simpler designs do not require them. Following are some of our custom designs for our deck boxes. You can have a deck box with all the same design or up to a different design on each panel and turn your box throughout the season, holidays and year!




Starfish Square Planter

Anchor Series

Sailboat Series

Adirondack Series

Oars Series

Seashell Series

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